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Who is your herb farmer?

Who is your herb farmer?


Carolina Holistic Farm would like to introduce our farmer & Master Herbalist, Danielle Smith, also the owner/operator of Carolina Holistic Farm located in Swansea, S.C.

Carolina Holistic Farm is a woman-owned sustainable organic 🌱 herb farm & ☕️ herbal tea company.

Our goal is to grow quality herbs to help 📚educate our community 💚 on herbalism and overall sustainability.

As herbalism is rediscovered, it is important to know how and where your herbs and herbal teas are grown and produced, ensuring safe herbal practices.

Getting to know your farmer 👩‍🌾 is a great way to connect with like-minded folks with a love for our family and community.

You can find out how to support Carolina Holistic Farm’s efforts by visiting the online store @

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