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Our Farm Story

chf acre winner.jpg
- 2021 SC Department of Agriculture ACRE Program Awardee  -
Danielle Smith - Owner/Operator

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Welcome to Carolina Holistic Farm!

     We are a micro-farm, operating on one (1) acre in the Midlands of South Carolina. Danielle Smith (pictured above) is CHF's owner/operator that educates our community as a Master Herbalist. She obtained her Master Herbalist Diploma from the Centre of Excellence and has also studied under an Advanced Master Herbalist for the past several years. Carolina Holistic Farm grows & produces herbal tea blends and fresh seasonal vegetables. Starting in the Spring, we provide various educational workshops and farm tours by appointment. 

We are Certified SC Grown!

What is a holistic farm?​

  • Holistic is defined as "concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than analysis of, or treatment of, or dissection into parts" (

  • Farm is defined as "a tract of land devoted to agricultural purposes" (

     Our goal is to educate our community about herbs and the medicinal qualities each herb possesses, while providing high quality, organically grown options to consumers. Carolina Holistic Farm wants to share our expertise as a Master Herbalist to help each and everyone find an option that is safe and effective alternative to one's health care. Please come join us on the farm and explore what Carolina Holistic Farm has to offer to help you stay healthy & well.

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