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Fresh Spring Nettles

Today we ventured into the greenhouse to see what is happening with the weather getting warmer. To our advantage, our greenhouse has allowed our nettle patch to get a jump start on spring. (And with an extra sting).

Do you know why this herb is called stinging nettle? The nettle leaves and stems have tiny hairs that will actually sting an unexpected passerby. (Don't worry! After drying, nettle doesn't sting)

(Can you find our little green spider friend in the picture?)

Nettle has been used and documented since the 1st century when the Greek doctor Dioscorides noted the many uses of nettle.

Nettle is anti-allergenic. Nettle contains natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory that helps ease constricted nasal passages.

Next time you experience hay fever, seasonal allergies, try nettles to help ease your symptoms.

Check out our Allergies Tea Blend to help you and your family this Spring.

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