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Mullein vs. Lamb’s Ear

‼️Follow up from yesterday’s post.‼️

A customer 🫵 helped bring up a common topic of discussion in regards to Mullein.

Mullein and Lamb’s ear plants both look very similar and are commonly mistaken one plant for the other.

Correct identification 🌱 of the 2 can be very difficult. I complied this comparison chart 📈 as a quick identification guide Mullein vs. Lamb’s Ear plants.

Hope this helps other aspiring herbalist!

(Make sure to save 💾 the picture to reference later.)

Medicinal Properties:

Mullein: cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, flu, coughing, earaches

Lamb’s ear: (commonly ornamental plant) cuts, burns, and skin wounds


Get your own copy of Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs

The Spruce: How to Grow and Care for Lamb's Ear

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