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Why Do People Throw Trash In The Woods?

Why do people throw trash in the woods?

This is a particle of land we do not currently utilize, but we want to expand our farming operation coming Spring 2023.

We moved to our location in 2019. Since moving to the land we have only utilized 1 acre for the initial homestead/herb farm. We knew the land had been lived on prior to us. We never knew they were using the WHOLE right side of the property as their personal trash dump. Ughh. 😑. (The local dump station is only 10 minutes from our location.)

We are now tackling hauling off the back portion of trash. We knew there were a few big items back there in the woods, but never knew household garbage was being buried in deep holes.

Since it is Fall and all the vegetation has died back, we thought NOW - today - was going to be the perfect day to get started. I grabbed the lawn tractor with a little trailer and myself and my kids started out on our adventure to clean the woods.

As you can see in the photos it was WAYYY more than we bargained for today. Old trash bags still filled with anything that would not deteriorate back to the soil: old styrofoam plates, plastic straws, glass cups, old oil cans, old cans from food, carpet, mattress springs, all kinds of plastic.

Our trailer is full of trash that needs to be bagged up and hauled off. Taking a break and reviewing what we’ve been working on, only thing I keep asking myself is:

Why do people do this??? It’s very upsetting what we as humans are doing/have been doing for decades to our beautiful earth.

As an individual, I will gladly clean up someone else’s mess and try my best to restore this property to the beauty it deserves to be.

This is my 1% for today.

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