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🌱Soil Blocking🌱

Have you ever tried soil blocking?

It is eco-friendly 🌲 and very cost efficient 🤑. Purchased a soil blocker for under ⬇️ $50 and made 420 soil blocks for our seedlings 🌱 in one afternoon.

To make the soil, we used Eliot Coleman’s soil block recipe from 📖 “The New Organic Grower” book. Amazon link:

From this one (1) soil recipe, I was able to start:

• Long leaf basil 🌿

• Peppermint

• German Chamomile

• Echinacea

• Sage

• Lavender

• Asparagus

• Onion 🧅

• Peppers 🫑

• Tomatoes 🍅

✅ There are many benefits to soil blocking. This technique helps with disturbing roots that are starting; helps with air circulation 💨 for healthier, more vigorous plants; plants do not become root bound; reduces plant shock from transplanting; and eliminates plastic trays; and nutrient rich soil.

⁉️Any tips and tricks with your experience using soil blocking? ⁉️

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