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Continuing Children & Herbalism

Continuing our conversation about

Children & Herbalism:

The most gentlest herbs can be used to help support your childrens immune system when they aren’t feeling well this winter ❄️.

🌱 Catnip

🌱 Chamomile

🌱 Echinacea

🌱 Elder

🌱 Ginger

🌱 Lemon Balm

🌱 Stingng Nettle

🌱 Peppermint

Each of the listed herbs 🌱 can assist in various ways. Please find an example below ⬇️ along with an easy to use recipe.

Fever Reducing Tea:

• 2 parts catnip

• 2 parts peppermint leaf

• 1/4 part ginger

1️⃣. Mix herbs together

2️⃣. To prepare, pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 teaspoon of herbal mixture, cover and let steep 15-20 minutes. (Longer it steeps, stronger the tea)

3️⃣. Strain and drink every 30 mins following correct amount required.

❓How to determine HOW MUCH your child needs?

Young’s Rule Example:

➡️ 4 year old


4 / 16 = 0.25

🟰 one-quarter if the adult dose.

We wanted to share this helpful information ℹ️ to ease stressful situations this time of year with a natural approach.

✨Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the free pdf on our website “Intro to Herbalism”.

Thank you,

Carolina Holistic Farm

“Growing Natural Herbs for Natural Lives”

** This page is ONLY an informative source for herbal knowledge. Please consult a physician or other certified health professional regarding health problems.**

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