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Cinnamon 🌳

• Parts Used: Inner bark, and twigs

• How it grows: Native to India 🇮🇳 and Sri Lanka 🇱🇰, growing in tropical forest. Propagated from cutting every 2nd year. Inner bark stripped from shoots emerging the 3rd year. Set out in sun ☀️ to dry.

• Warming herb 🌿, anti diabetic, anti microbial, and anti fungal.

• Known to help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes

• Helps reduce ⬇️ high blood pressure ⬆️🩸

• Helps aid circulation

• May help brain health 🧠

• Helps with flu 😷 symptoms

• Helps as a mouthwash for oral thrush 👄

• Gentle herb helps aid digestion and circulation

• Helps relieve period pain, helps control heavy bleeding 🩸

• Valuable for treating PCOS.

• Caluable with helping gut health/bacteria.

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** This page is ONLY an informative source for herbal knowledge. Please consult a physician or other certified health professional regarding health problems.**

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