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Rose as an Herbal Medicine

🌱 Fun Fact Friday! 🌱

Rose 🌹:

• Rose fruit = Rose hips

• Rose hips extreme ⬆️ high levels of vitamins

• Freah rose hips help body absorb vitamins & minerals easier

• Rose hip syrup is nourishing and gentle for diarrhea

• Rose petals and rose essential oil is mildly sedative 💤, antidepressant 😃 and anti-inflammatory

• Chinese Herbal Medicine uses flower tea to regulate vital energy & promote blood 🩸 circulation ⭕️

• Also used for stomachaches, liver pains, mastitis, dysentery

• High ⬆️ in Vitamin C & strong antioxidant activity

• Is an aphrodisiac 🍑💦🍆 used since ancient times by reducing the anxiety associated with sex - helps calm nerves that block arousal.

Wild Rose
Rose at the Farm

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