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Farm Practices

Herb Plants

Carolina Holistic Farm implements four (4) main agriculture practices as we grow and care for each plant.

  1. No-till farming techniques: using the deep mulch system helps increase soil health; less soil erosion, increases soils biological activity, increases soils organic matter, more water retention

  2. Organic farming techniques: we do not use synthetic fertilizers, GMO's or pesticides. 

  3. Sustainable agriculture: we help contribute to our local economy, great relationship with our community, and being good stewards of our natural ecosystem and resources. 

  4. Regenerative agriculture: sustain, regenerate, and improve soil quality; reverse climate change by expanding biodiversity, improving water cycle, increasing organic matter in soil. Better soil results in better quality herbs and veggies.

Carolina Holistic Farm is always learning and implementing new techniques as we improve our farm each year. We strive to produce the highest quality, organic product available on the market. 

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